This is the era of video, providing a powerful recruitment tool to ignite, inspire and inform new candidates. Not only are videos the most consumed forms of content there is, but they are also the most efficient and engaging way to promote and highlight a brand.

When Chief Superintendent Daniel Gordon from the Office of the Sheriff of NSW came to us, he told us of his struggle with disengagement and disconnection. Enrolment figures were falling, and this needed to change. Positioning ourselves with the Office of the Sheriff, we immediately identified the need for an authentic and inspiring video, demonstrating a strong sense of community, altruism and the great services that the Office represents.

By drawing upon real stories and real experiences, we were able to communicate the nature of these roles, the ideal type of candidate, and the profound impact the office has on the community. We succeeded in delivering the philosophies and duties of the office, fostering enough engagement and interest to trigger action in candidates.

The result is a crisp, clear and ultra-engaging video that achieved a 700% increase in applicants on the previous year!


Flare Creative helped the NSW Government increase the Office of the Sheriff enrolment by 700%