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Volvo | Brisbane Truck Show

Working at the Brisbane Truck Show, where we designed, engineered and executed an exhibition stand for Volvo Group Australia. The establishment of the stand for Volvo, Mack and UD sprawled over 700-sqm. After eight months of intricate planning and a rewarding five-day installation, the team successfully accomplished the impossible.

Yet, our most significant achievement lies in the insight we learnt.

The secret to success extends beyond the flashy technology and the latest trends. The real game-changer, the true impact-factor, is human connection.

Amongst the myriad of displays, our key feature was facilitating a place for real human conversation - a double story VIP mezzanine. As a transformational and stylish meeting spot, Flare Creative Experiences recognised the need to establish a vibrant hub for networking and open dialogue. Equipped with barista-made coffee, comfortable seating, and an inviting air-conditioned boardroom, this area became the nucleus of the stand - ultimately, facilitating what is at the core of all activations; an ability to foster valuable relationships.

Why place significance on human connection?

In today's tech-centric era, human interaction is becoming a precious resource. As event professionals, we have the rare opportunity to counter this trend, architecting environments that encourage connection and facilitate meaningful conversations.

Our efforts don’t end there. Through intentional consideration, our teams amplified the Volvo brand using interactive components, such as the Volvo Chatbot, custom specification boards, and a dynamic LED screen. We recognise that it's not only about attracting visitors but actively immersing them in the experience. Bringing them closer to the heart of the brand.

The key lesson? A successful activation is not about having the most dazzling displays or innovative products (although this year's stand did turn quite a few heads?!). It's about the emotion you evoke in visitors when they step into your space. Engage with them, connect with them, and make them feel part of the narrative – therein lies the secret to real success.

Before you embark on your next activation, we urge you to consider these key principles:

1. Human connection is not merely important; it's essential. Promote open conversations and nurture meaningful interactions. Let your activation foster an activation of the human spirit.
2. Comfort is crucial: An inviting, comfortable environment fosters relaxed and genuine interaction.
3. Brand representation is vital: Employ interactive elements to animate your brand.
4. Every visitor is valuable: Make certain everyone feels included and appreciated.

Let's continue to place human connection at the heart of our work. Prioritise it, witness it and encourage it.

Ultimately, the connections we forge and the relationships we cultivate are what matter most.

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