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The Glenlivet | Caribbean


Pernod Ricard Australia, Brand The Glenlivet

Challenge & solution overview

To celebrate the launch of The Glenlivet Caribbean product, Flare Creative was engaged to negotiate and activate a partnership with the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

We devised a multi-location, immersive and engaging activity aimed at tantalising the senses and fostering a positive, vibrant and enjoyable brand affiliation with the Festival. This strategy drove engagement through an ecommerce offering and first-party data capture.

Process highlights
Guests experienced The Glenlivet Caribbean product in a multifaceted way during their time at the festival, extending beyond mere drink purchases. Our presence featured a stylish bar and lounge, captivating live music, and exciting photo opportunities, creating memorable touchpoints for all attendees.

Total sensory engagement: taste, sight, touch, sounds & smell.
E-commerce and first party data integration within campaign.
Engagement with over 6,600 consumers over 6 days, 600+ VIPs and direct media engagement with a total of 26,000 drinks served across the campaign.

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