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S&W Mayonnaise Manassen Food | Smashed Burgers


Flare Creative Experiences was tasked with creating the S&W Activation at Bondi Beach, with the aim of showcasing the superior taste and versatility of S&W's all-natural mayo. The challenge lay in educating the public and distinguishing S&W amidst a market saturated with conventional condiments, while also driving sales and increasing brand awareness.

With a focus on bringing consumers and the product together, we created an activation on the iconic Bondi beach, partnering with MasterChef and a select group of influencers, we amplified the activation beyond the initial geographic space, across Australia, encouraging new consumers to taste the product and imagine the possibilities of brand.

Process highlights
The event showcased a free food truck at Bondi Beach, distributing 1000 burgers (vegetarian and beef) prepared by Master Chef Brent Draper using S&W mayonnaise.
Engaging burger packaging and trays, along with enthusiastic brand ambassadors, amplified the S&W brand experience.
Guests participated in fun challenges and shared their experiences on social media, boosting online engagement.

Enhanced public education about S&W’s all-natural ingredients and mayo versatility.
Significant brand exposure and audience engagement, as evidenced by customer testimonials and social media activity.
Boosted traffic to major retail partners and drew new customers into the category.

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