National Recognition for Drinks with Dave

Drinks with Dave’s, Ian Ratcliff recognised as ‘Best Startup Executive’ finalist

Following a year of great adversity for many businesses across the world, Flare Creative’s pivot to create unique virtual tasting experiences has yet again been recognised for its innovation, speed to market, and outstanding client offering.

The nomination and recent selection of Ian Ratcliff as a finalist by CEO Magazine was warmly received, and when speaking with Ian, Flare Creative’s Director of Special Projects, he praised the Drinks with Dave team.

“Being recognised as a finalist is more a reflection of our team than anything else. When we first devised the idea of a virtual tasting experience, it was the speed of our events team to transform their expertise in physical events across to a virtual experience that has seen the organisation become the number one tasting experience in the country.”

- Ian Ratcliff, Director of Special Projects at Flare Creative

As thousands of people have enjoyed a Drink with Dave each month, throughout rolling lockdowns, the team has seen no change to the demand for their offering as restrictions ease.

“Christmas parties, cross-border engagement, and corporate gifting are seeing enquiries steadily increase. People seek certainty at times like this and the product offering and level of service the team delivers will ensure we remain a key player in the market for years to come.”

- Paul Walton, Head of Liquor at Flare Creative

As part of the Flare Creative Group, Drinks with Dave offers a unique way for brands to connect to the marketplace, creating brand advocates through genuine connection and putting product in the hands of more people every day.

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