Million Dollar Burritos, What a Way to End 2021!

Despite lockdown fatigue, now is the time for brands to capitalise on consumer appetite for live experiences

As the saying goes, runners (brands) to the starting line! NSW begins its transition out of lockdown and joins TAS, WA, and QLD with little to no COVID-19 related restrictions. VIC and ACT will be soon to follow, only moments away from hitting key targets for vaccination rates. In the wake of COVID-19, many brands are trigger-shy due to the potential loss of investment during the last 18-months.

However, for every brand that is taking a conservative approach post-lockdown, there are a number of brands choosing to ride the wave of excitement and leverage consumer appetite to get back out into the community and enjoy the freedom.

Flare Creative has worked closely with Lionize for over 5 years now. As the agency on record, Lionize was tasked with the planning of both the creative and media strategy for the Zambrero Million Dollar Burrito campaign; during which they soon realised it would require a live activation element to physically celebrate and announce the giving away of $1 million prize money.

"We turn to Flare Creative for any event or activation activities. They are always super creative and offer the certainty that we feel comfortable recommending to represent us. This is yet another occasion where they have supported, showing their professionalism and ability to remain extremely connected despite the ever-changing government requirements."

- Mikey Taylor, CEO at Lionize

The project started back in May 2021 and was planned to be a live Friday lunch activation located on the front lawn of the MCA with the iconic Opera House as the backdrop and Sydney Harbour as the dress circle for the occasion.

As the campaign ran its course, Zambrero achieved a fantastic level of engagement with customers on both a regional and national scale, given their diverse store locations. The competition offered customers the chance to win $1 million with every burrito purchase.

Five finalists were selected at random, three from the East Coast of Australia and two from Western Australia. Given the travel restrictions at the time and the approaching Winter season, Flare Creative explored multiple contingency plans, considering every possible option from the extreme case of every person in the country locked down and producing a 100% virtual experience, right through to a hybrid solution. This saw the activity transition and develop into an in-person event on the East Coast and live site at Zambrero Kelmscott store in WA, connecting the two locations via live stream.

We are now in the final stages of pre-production which will see a live stream of the in-person Sydney-based event, across the country via the brand's digital channels and hosted by Danny Clayton. The finalists will be joined by a selected live audience to watch the crowning of the winner in person at the studio venue, Pix on Location. Allowing the contestants from WA to participate via live stream will ensure the brand’s investment is capitalised on regardless of the limitations posed by COVID-19 restrictions. This also offers great opportunities for evergreen content to be captured and further prolong the exposure and reach of the campaign.

So keep your eyes peeled for a chance to join us in late November this year, as we offer one lucky individual the chance to win $1 million.

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