Drinks With Dave Hits 11,500 Tasting Experiences

The benefits of hybrid experiences

With the advent of the Coronavirus, Flare Creative Experiences, like so many other organisations around the world, faced its greatest challenge in generations; rather than shut down, we rallied the troops and reached out to our amazing partners, industry friends and the community as a whole to continue building awesome experiences, including Drinks with Dave!

It turns out that when Australia’s most ingenious team of live experience curators stay home, and put their heads together, their creativity is on point! From the team that created Ferrari’s most successful car launch comes an experience for all to enjoy, from the comfort of their own homes.

Drinks with Dave is an awesome boxed experience that is designed to be shared with friends, family, fellow employees and businesses. Our goal is to create moments to gather as a community, learn from world class connoisseurs and stay connected in these unexpected times.

As of last week 11,500 products have been tasted and over 3,800 hrs of product and brand education has been delivered to our customers. This past year has seen us establish an amazing network of loyal and satisfied customers with an eye watering 134% rate of return from clients!

Whilst we appreciate the momentous milestone and success story Drinks with Dave has achieved thus far, we know this is just the beginning. Our team can’t wait to continue bringing communities together and creating unique and memorable experiences.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need support bringing an idea or awesome experience together for your team or brand! If you’re interested, we know Dave...

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